Vision/Mission Statement

The Meaning of function, balance, esthetic

Our treatment approach takes into account a plan that will provide optimal functional and esthetic results for patients. Restoring or enhancing facial balance is important whether it involves restoring or creating a beautiful smile with dental implants, orthognathic (corrective jaw surgery), or adjunct cosmetic procedures.


To be a world-class leader in the delivery of high-quality oral surgery and treatment for jaw deformities and temporomandibular disorders in a way that is mutually beneficial to the patient and healthcare team.


  • To develop and refine operational systems that deliver consistent, efficient and quality oral and facial care.
  • To utilize cutting-edge technology for effective delivery of oral and facial care.
  • To enhance patients’ quality of life by improving their function, esthetic appearance and self-esteem and alleviating their pain.
  • To have satisfied patients who become our advocates.



Faith driven



Emotional intelligence