Facial Implants

Dr. Caloss believes that facial balance and symmetry are important aspects of beauty. His goal is to bring all structures of the face into harmonious alignment. Volume is often missing in certain areas. This can be due to developmental deformities or the effects of aging. He is skilled in using facial implants to bring balance and natural beauty. He often uses them as an adjunct to corrective jaw surgery to bring the entire face—cheeks, nose, chin, jaw line and neck— into alignment. Chin, jaw, and cheek implants, enable Dr. Caloss to enhance patients’ facial beauty and structural symmetry.

What are cosmetic facial implants?

Dr. Caloss uses facial implants to cosmetically augment and enhance the aesthetics and balance of patients’ facial structures. Any area of the face can be improved using facial implants, including the chin, jaw, cheeks, neck and forehead. Facial implants are made of a biocompatible material that integrates with your natural tissue.

Chin Implants

Patients with a recessed chin may receive a chin implant to normalize their appearance. A chin implant increases your chin’s size, projection, and prominence to correct cosmetic imbalances or imperfections.

Cheek Implants

Some patients are born with sunken cheekbones, while others experience cheekbone recession with age, disease, or tooth loss. Cheek implants increase the structure and projection of the cheekbones by adding volume to flat or recessed areas.

Jaw Implants

Jaw implants increase the structure of the lower third of a patient’s face to improve a weak or recessed jaw line including the angle of the jaw and chin. These implants are placed to correct facial imbalance around the lower face and neck. They can diminish the effects of aging by eliminating jowls and improving chin-neck esthetics.

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