Facial Surgery Jackson MS

Aligned Face

Dr. Caloss looks at the entire face to bring it into balance. The result is an outcome that improves the function and the cosmetic appearance of the face. Functional improvements include the ability to masticate or chew food, move even wear of teeth, and increased TMJ, airway, and occlusal stability. Cosmetic improvements include a beautiful smile resulting from proper alignment of teeth and jaw structures, enhanced chin-neck esthetics with use of chin and mandibular onlay implants and submittal liposuction, enhanced cheek projection, and mid-face rejuvenation with the use of cheek and midface implants, improved nasal esthetics with rhinoplasty. Dr. Caloss has helped develop and validate the most cutting-edge technology in the field of orthognathic surgery. He uses an ultrasonic scalpel to perform osteotomies in order to decrease bleeding, pain, and swelling. He utilizes rigid fixation devices to eliminate the need to be wired shut after surgery. This means a quicker return to normal activities.

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